So we can’t make it until Punta Cana! We have officially decided that’s too far away, and that we work to hard to be stuck here in this cold all of the time. Now, the question has been what should we do?! We don’t want to spend a lot of money, but we want to be on a beach somewhere, and my break is right over Spring Break. For most people our age that would be great, it’s cheap to go to all of the best Spring Break party spots. And trust me we’ve been debating going to those places as well. Let’s take a look at some of our options so far.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:

Myrtle Beach is insanely cheap to go visit! I mean like less than $300 dollars for your plane ticket and hotel stay. Crazy, right? We thought so too. Except once you get through check out they want to add another $15 a day per person, onto your bill. Still not that bad though, it’s a pretty great deal. Now, our downfall. It is one of the BIGGEST Spring Break locations in the U.S. Which we don’t mind, but at the same time we do want to be able to relax and enjoy, and we don’t know if it will be loud and crazy the entire time. Which I assume it will be. But don’t despair, if you want to enjoy the Spring Experience, this is the place for you! With it being super cheap, fun, lively and beautiful, you can’t go wrong! We just haven’t decided if it’s for us yet.

Orlando, Florida

Ahh yes, the land of Disney. Orlando is one of the places that we really want to go to in our lives. Because of Disney, that is! We found that you can go to Orlando pretty cheap as well. About the same price as Myrtle Beach, actually.  The question is, what would we do there? Obviously you go to Orlando to visit Disney or Universal Studios, but that makes your overall bill a lot higher. For one of us being a college student, and the other just now having a full time job, we don’t know if we want to spend that kind of money just yet. We may end up having to put Disney on the back burner until we can afford it better and be able to enjoy it the fullest!


St. Pete Beach, Florida

This is always our go-to. It’s absolutely beautiful and we LOVE the atmosphere here. You actually saw us talk about this in our last post! Normally we get to go down fairly cheap, because we have people to stay with. However, it doesn’t work out this time of year. While, St. Pete is beautiful and relaxing, it’s also about $500 and up per person. That’s not terrible by any means, but we don’t know if it’s what we want to spend. We are still debating this one as well. One of the things that puts this at the top of the list is that everything is so close, you literally just walk everywhere! And if you want to head to Clearwater for the day, you can take a trolley to get there. As much as we love St. Pete, we may not make it there in March.


Neither one of us have ever been to Texas and we’ve heard that they have some pretty great beaches. One of the places that we checked out was Corpus Christi, but as beautiful as it looks, it may be a little to pricey. Then, we checked out South Padre, which looks great! We found cheap hotels, about $77 a night, and then plane tickets for $150. The only downfall with this, is that once again this is a big Spring Break area. And, we just aren’t sure if we want to do that yet.

So many things to decide!!

We have many options, and hopefully we will figure out which one will fit us best.

Where do you think we should go?? Open to new suggestions as well!

– Sam and Victoria

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