Hello to everyone reading this! Whether you’re reading this from the beginning or have just found our blog years later. We thank you in advance for following along with us, and our quest through life.

As you can see we are AnUrchinsLifeForMe, the people behind the name are Sam and Victoria. We’re both 25 years old, and we’re just a couple that wants to see the world. However, we want to take you all along the way with us! Mainly, we want to be able to look back on all of the things that we have done in our lives, so we thought this would be a fun way to do so.


Let us tell you a little bit about what our blog will be. Mainly we wanted it to be travel, but since I (Victoria) am in my last year of college, it’s unrealistic to travel the whole time. But, that’s a journey in itself. We’ll take you guys through our daily lives by sharing fitness posts, lifestyle posts and travel posts. Under the menu you will find that there are already different sections for each one.

When we post for travel, we will provide tips, things that you should take, places to go and we will also post about where we’re at and what we’re doing.

For lifestyle, we will post about what we’re doing with our lives, ways to better yourself, financial tips, my last year of college and much more. Part of we want is for our readers to feel welcomed and involved, so if anyone wants to see anything specific, please let us know. 🙂

The fitness blog will be about what we do for our workouts, how we stay in shape, but we will also share our struggles. Oh, and yes, we will definitely be sharing about holiday weight, because everyone hates that! But, we all experience it.

We want to be as honest as we can with all of you, and with ourselves. One of our goals is to get a YouTube channel up and running as well, there we will vlog about twice a week. We should have a video posted this weekend some time, so look out for that! I will post it in the blog once it’s ready to go. Thank you in advance for following along with us.

Stay tuned tomorrow to get to know me better! 🙂 Friday, you will get to know Sam.

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