Hey guys, it’s Tor! As you all know, we had some company last weekend. My sister and her boyfriend came down to see us, as well as Sam’s mom and her boyfriend. The first couple of days we spent going to the beaches but the last two days that they where here we spent going to Universal Studios.

Orlando is about two hours from our place in Florida, so we drove there with my sister and her boyfriend and Ace (our dog). Yes, Ace got to go on this trip with us! Although, he didn’t get to go to the actual park, but he did get to stay at the hotel with us. I don’t like to leave him very much, and he is a little bit of a diva, so he would have been very mad at us if we left him with someone else.

We went to Universal Studios for the weekend of New Years, now I understood that there was going to be a lot of people, but I guess I didn’t understand how much a lot was. There where a TON of people. It was crazy busy, even just walking into the place.

When we first got there, we entered Citywalk and had a drink and some lunch at Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville, which was a blast! They have a giant margarita machine in the middle of the bar that announces to the whole bar when it’s refilling. Although it was amazing, the prices are kind of high there, however, that’s pretty much expected for Universal Studios.

Once we left Margaritaville, we headed over to the Hard Rock Cafe for some drinks. Or, we thought that we were just going to have some drinks. For those of you who don’t know my sister, she is not afraid to ask for anything, if she wants to know something or if she wants to do something she just goes up to whoever she can find and asks them. So, we are in the Hard Rock and we knew that they had a John Lennon VIP Room (if you don’t know who John Lennon is, please look up the Beatles), but they normally charge you a bunch of money to go in there. My sister finds some guy who works there and just asks if we can see it, it ended up being empty at the time, so he said YES. We got to go up and take a private tour of the John Lennon VIP Room.

Now, as we are going up, I’m expecting just a couple of photos and some seating. However, I was very wrong, we walk in and there is this secret hallway that the celebrities use when they stay there so they can get from place to place without anybody seeing them. Then, we walk in and there are pictures, but original pictures from his home, John and Yoko Ono’s marriage certificate, some of his own art work and this chair/love seat that came from John Lennon’s home. I mean how cool! Right?!

That’t not even the best part, well not to me at least, in the middle of the room is this piano, and not just any piano, some of the most talented people in the world have played and SIGNED this piano. Stars and icons such as, Stevie Wonder (with his thumbprint), Billy Joel, John Lennon, and many more, you will have to take a look at the photos below. I was completely in awe, we where in the same place and around the same items that all these amazing artists have been. It was an extraordinary experience.

Now, I hope you’re not too disappointed but we didn’t do a whole lot for rides on the first day. Therefore, I don’t have much to share with you about that. But don’t despair, for I have the next post planned for you all about New Years Eve in Harry Potter World/ Universal Studios, so please, stay tuned for that one Monday!

Oh, and stay tuned for our first vlog on Monday, which is also about New Years Eve in Harry Potter World!

Thank you all, we are so extremely grateful to have you following along on our adventure.

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