Monday’s are hard for all of us. The weekend is over, you go back to school or back to your M-F job. Or, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones that works from home, or even better, works while traveling! If so, we are all extremely jealous, and we aspire to be you one day. Hopefully that will come for us, but until then we have to find things that help us get through the week.


While Monday’s are the worst for a lot of people, in our household it’s Sunday nights that are the hardest. We don’t want to go to bed or even think about getting up in the morning because it always means that we’re back to reality. Then you get up Monday mornings longing for Friday to get here.

Well, we have found some things that help us get through those feelings. Things that make the week more enjoyable, so that we aren’t wasting our lives being miserable. One of the biggest things that helps us is making sure that we get to the gym. Going to the gym allows us to release our stress from the day, while also making us feel like we’ve accomplished something important. Now, when we don’t make it to the gym we feel guilty and we aren’t as happy. It allows time for you to unwind and reflect on your day. So, get to the gym and get your heart rate up! It will make the world of a difference for your week, or even just your day!

Now, we both like to do different things that relax us in the evenings. Sam often likes to play a game, or spend time on his computer. Whereas I (Victoria), enjoy watching some of my favorite shows, Riverdale being at the top of that list (if you haven’t seen it, you seriously need to check it out), or watch a movie on the couch with my dog. My favorite thing though, is to find a really good book to read, it’s a complete escape from reality. Sometimes Sam likes to check out a couple of shows as well, Vikings being his favorite right now. Although when Game of Thrones is on, that’s always our go-to.


When, we’re really in rut though and we just want to quit at everything, we find that planning our next adventure gets us out of it. While figuring out where we want to go and what we want to do, we are giving ourselves something to look forward to. Then everyday after that is just one day closer to our plan. This makes everyday a little bit easier, just knowing that you have something amazing coming up.

Watching these shows, playing games, and lounging on the couch may seem like pretty simple things that everyone does. But, that’s not the point. The point is that we both make time to do things that we enjoy every single day. If you’re in a rut, that’s the most important thing to do, make sure that you make time for yourself, even if it’s only 30 mins at the gym, picking up a book, or watching a TV show. Something is better than nothing. Plan something! Even if it’s just a walk in a park, or drinks on Friday night, give yourself something to look forward to through out the week.

What are your favorite things to get you through the week?

Sam and Victoria

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