Hey there fellow readers! If you’re wondering if you should pack up, move away and start a new life, then this post is for you. Most people have thought about it at some point in their life, others regret never doing, and very few end up following through with it.

Now, to be clear, when I say ‘leave everything behind,’ I don’t mean to just go and forget about everyone and everything in your life. What I actually mean is to start over, and get a fresh perspective on life. Throughout this post, what I’m going to tell you is from my own experience, I can’t speak for anyone else, I can only tell you how it’s gone for me.

If you’ve been to An Urchins Life before, then you know that just a few short weeks ago, Sam and I packed up and moved to Florida. What you don’t know is that we had been talking about moving to Florida for a little while. Although we had talked about it, we kept on putting it off, saying, “oh, we will do it next year.” Well, next year came and we were still sitting in the Quad Cities, dreading the winter and the seasonal depression that would follow. So, once again, we talked about Florida. We came to the same conclusion as the time before, except we now we had a plan, we would save for two years and then head to Florida.

Shortly after this decision, we put a deposit down to hold a brand new apartment in Bettendorf. For a while, we were really excited about this place, it was pet friendly, had a pool, it was really modern and it was right next to the river. The excitement only lasted for a little bit, suddenly it was late August and we started thinking about the winter cold, again. I started looking at apartments in Florida, just for fun, and to get an idea of about how much it was going to be. Sam and I both love St. Pete Beach, but upon looking at the pricing, we weren’t going to be able to afford that. So, I extended my search and looked in areas around St. Pete. Eventually, I found an apartment that was really affordable and was only fifty minutes from our favorite beach! I showed Sam and we both got really excited and talked about how this could be our home. . . in two years.

About a week went by and we decided to just apply, we got accepted, found out the down deposit, had all of the forms filled out and ready to go, and then we both sat and stared at the computer screen, scared and not sure if this is what we actually wanted to do. We decided to talk a little bit more and think, just to be sure, before we make a decision that we can’t take back. So, we’re sitting there, talking and I go to search something on the computer, except I ACCIDENTALLY clicked send on all of our information. Everything that we had ready was now sent over to the apartment complex.

I know this sounds scary, but it’s kind of what we needed. If I wouldn’t have accidentally clicked send, we probably wouldn’t be here today, in fact we would probably be sitting in the new apartment back home, working a 9-5 job, being miserable and still talking about Florida. This was the decision of a lifetime, for us.

So, about two months later and we were off to Florida, our new home. If you haven’t read about our trip, you can go ahead and find it here.

Alright now that I’ve dragged on, you’re probably wondering what has happened since we’ve been here, and whether it’s for you or not. Well, if you need to make a change this is for you. If you need a push to do something that you’ve dreamed of then this is for you. When I talk about a push to do something, I don’t even mean moving. Sam and I had talked about starting our own business, I wanted to write books, blog and we mainly just wanted to work for ourselves and live a life that we loved.

When we got down to Florida, everything changed, those things that we talked about, we were finally motivated to do them. I’ve been blogging, I’m starting my book this week, and we are currently working on our Web Development/ Content Writing/ Social Media Management Business right now. We have found another way that makes us income, also, which we will introduce at some point in the future. Either way though, when we moved, it gave us a fresh start, it allowed us to take a chance on ourselves, and it turned out amazing. We can now work from anywhere that we want to, even the beach, making good money and living the life that we have dreamed about.

This move has not only allowed us to take a chance on ourselves, it’s allowed us to make more money (there’s no ceiling when you’re working for yourself), and it has allowed us to focus on our future of traveling, making more money and being able to work from anywhere allows us to see the world and experience the most out of our lives.

There’s more to talk about, but I will save it for another day. If this is something that you feel like you need to do, then do it, there’s nothing wrong with trying something new, in fact it might just change your whole life. I know that it changed ours.


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