Merry Christmas everyone! I know that we haven’t been on in a while, about ten months actually. Sorry about that. We have had a lot going on! However, starting now, keep your eye out for multiple posts a week. We have some other exciting projects coming up, as well, such as our Vlog. Stay tuned, because that should be up and running within the next couple of weeks. I will keep you all updated with our other projects as they start to come along.

So, some of you may be wondering why I am writing to you on Christmas. Well, Christmas is a little bit different for us this year. Let me explain; for a while (probably over the last year or so), we had been debating about whether we wanted to move away or stay in the Quad Cities. Sam and I both love the Quad Cities very much, but we just thought that there was more to do and more to see. About three and a half months ago we realized that we were nearing my college graduation along with the end of our lease. So, we decided that we would wait to move away and we put a down deposit down on an apartment in Bettendorf, thinking that we would save up and move away in about two years. Well, a few weeks later it started to get cold, graduation was fast approaching and we both felt like we where just doing the same thing over and over again. One of us started to looking at apartments in Florida, and, well, we just decided to do it. We found an apartment and we put down a down deposit. We where in, and there was no going back (not for a year at least). There is a little more to the story, if you’re interested, our first vlog post will be about our move and how we got to where we are!

Two weeks ago, I finished college and we started to pack and get ready to move. Friday, December 14th was my birthday, Saturday, December 15th I walked for my Graduation, and we packed up the scion and left shortly after. Oh yeah, we sold EVERYTHING, except for what could fit in our little Scion, and that includes me, Ace and Sam. So we had nothing except clothes and we headed down to our new home in Florida (Again, we will share in much more detail on the vlog).

Anyways, that’s how we got here, and that’s why I am writing to you today, on Christmas. I won’t lie, it’s sad being away from home during the Holidays, we miss our families so much and all of the little Christmas traditions that we have back home. But, I am so grateful to be here with Sam and Ace and to be taking on this new adventure together. It’s always scary doing something new, and taking on a risk, but so far it has been worth it. Life can be crazy, and scary sometimes but it’s also exciting and rewarding, you just have to take the jump and know that you can always go home if it doesn’t work out. However, if you really want something and you are willing to put in the work, then it will work out.

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