Hello World! Let’s talk about how to stay motivated when you’re anythign but. . . First, let me start off by telling you a little bit about my day. You see, my boyfriend, two of our friends and I decided to start a Youtube channel where we would host a podcast. It’s been a blast so far. Except, today I got up, had my coffee, read a little bit of a self-improvement book and got ready to tackle my goals for the day. This list of goals included reading, writing, editing our next podcast and editing our blooper reel for our previous episode.

Now, this may not seem like a lot to you, but editing an hour and forty-five minutes worth of content. . . is a lot. However, I was completely ready to take on the challenge! I worked on some editing for the next episode, did a little more reading, ordered my groceries and then I created the blooper reel. This is where I run into a problem, I saved my work early on in the editing and then I got to the end and went to save it so that I could start rendering it. When I went to save it, it had me choose what folder to put it in and pick a title. . . so, I did. Except, then it froze. . . and then it crashed. . . and then it closed. By this time it’s 6 p.m. and I am beyond frustrated.

As frustrated as I was, I let myself be upset for a few minutes and then got back to it because I knew that it had to go out tonight! Don’t get me wrong, I was a little panicked, I knew that I had to do some writing still. I mean, I guess I didn’t have to if I didn’t want to, but I made a promise to myself to write everyday and I had to follow through. Somehow I powered through, running into a few more obstacles along the way. But the important part is that I saved every step of the way, this time!

During this time, I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was lay in bed and maybe read a book. Instead, I kept going and I didn’t dwell, I just knew that it had be done so I could either get through it and have a good attitude about it or I could not to it and be disappointed with myself. Now that I’m done it’s 10:15 and here I am writing, even though I would really like to be laying in my bed. But somehow, I was able to stay motivated.

The reason that I am telling you this is due to the fact that just last week I would have given up the second that the video crashed. I probably would have been so bummed that I would have sat on the couch, watched TV, and avoided writing and finishing my work. And to be quite honest, it wasn’t even that hard to keep going tonight!

Over the last few days I have learned that there are ways around giving up and that’s to stay motivated. Now, I don’t mean when something starts going wrong that you need to sit and convince yourself to keep going (although a pep talk may be needed, also). No, I mean start your day off with something that gets you going, I start my day off with coffee and a self-help/ motivational book, so whatever your thing may be, whether that’s a book or podcast or a run, etc!

When you figure out what your thing is just do it first thing in the morning. Then sit down, make a list of what you want to accomplish during the day and do them. I have found that the only thing that I need to stay motivated is that little morning routine. I truly think that it comes from making a habit of something positive that keeps you in a positive mindset, which helps you to power through when things get tough.

Obviously that’s not going to fix everything, I still had to give myself a little pep talk, but I found that it was a lot easier to find the positive in what happened then it was to convince myself that it was okay to quite. I have also found that it helps to walk away for a minute, take the dog out and come back to it with a clear mind.

I’m aware that this isn’t rocket science, but up until a few days ago I wasn’t doing any of this. So, if you’re feeling unmotivated, trying creating a routine that starts your day off with some positivity. Allow yourself to start off with a clear mind that way you can approach things in a better manner. Trust me, it feels good not to be so frustrated and upset when things go wrong. Maybe this slight change in your day could make a complete difference in how you feel and approach negativity in your life. Trust me, I know how hard it can be to figure out how to stay motivated! Just try by making little changes to your everyday life.

Love, Victoria