Hey guys, it’s Tor here. As most of you already know, about two weeks ago we packed up our bags and moved halfway across the country, to Florida, to start a new life. If you have absolutely know idea what I’m talking about, please check out our latest post here Quit our Jobs, Graduated College, Packed up and Moved to Florida!

Anyways, part of the idea when we moved was that we wanted to be really healthy, and by that I mean eating healthy foods (mainly fish, fruits and vegetables), working out everyday and reducing our carbon footprint by riding bikes instead of driving (within reasonable distance, of course). I’m here to keep you guys updated on our difficulties, successes, challenges and failures. Because, let’s be honest we will fail in some areas. However, the important part is that we always keep trying. I will try to keep everyone informed on these aspects as we go on, but for now, let’s see how it has gone for the past couple of weeks.

When we first arrived in Florida, we realized that it was going to be pretty impossible to eat completely clean that first week. We initially underestimated how much we would have to do to get the apartment completely ready. Oh, and the fact that we would have to go buy food, I mean how do you forget that part! So, for the first three or four days, we gave ourselves a break, we ate whatever we wanted and told ourselves that we would start eating only healthy foods as we had our apartment put together. While we were allowing ourselves to eat bad, I noticed how terrible my body felt. Now, don’t get my wrong, I love a weekly pizza (okay, maybe daily), and ice cream, but this wasn’t a good feeling. My body was telling me that it needed healthy food, and so was Sam’s.

That first week, we were also using the car instead of biking so that we could get everything that we needed for the apartment. This part didn’t really effect us negatively, except for the fact that we felt like we should be outside being active, since we literally had perfect weather and sunshine on us everyday. On top of the using the car, we weren’t working out like we said we were going to (by the way don’t fall out of your workout routine, it’s so hard to get back into it), it sucked and my body was feeling it.

When we finally got the apartment put together, or as together as it could be with the exception of some decor, we headed for the grocery store. Now, this initial trip was not on the bike because we where completely starting from scratch, but we did get EVERYTHING healthy, all the way down to the whole grain bread. We started riding our bikes everywhere that we went, which ended up being amazing. Riding our bikes to the stores boosted our spirits by a thousand percent, instantly, we both felt amazing, like we were being active and enjoying this new life. Alright, so to be completely honest our fitness is one that took us a while to really get back in to, and we both have days where we don’t make, well, because life and sometimes you just don’t feel like it. That’s okay, but my body loves when I workout, so this is something that I will continue to work on and keep you guys updated on as we go. Hopefully, I can commit to it here soon!

While we occasionally struggle with the gym, that hasn’t been the hardest part. Remember when I told you that we got all of our super healthy groceries? Yeah, well, we found ourselves stopping and grabbing food because it was easy and quick. My body had a really hard time with this, not only was my body saying no to the bad food in the first place, but I had started to introduce all healthy food to it (which my body loved, btw), so it really hated when I had the occasional bad food. However, there is a plus side! I have been trying to be better about eating healthy, even though we have some family in town, when we have gone out to eat I have picked the healthier options on the menu. My body has been extremely thankful for that. Sam is still working on picking the healthier options, as well, his body has been letting him know what foods it doesn’t like, too.

Overall, this is just to let you know that these changes don’t happen overnight, and there will always be challenges and days that you give in and do the opposite of what you said. But, that’s okay. Just knowing that you’re trying and doing your best is what’s important. It’s a long journey, but when we decided to move, we also decided that our health was worth working for, so it’s something that we are working to better everyday, and it’s a big part of our life adventure. We knew that we wanted to go on adventures and see the world, but we also realized that if we didn’t take care of ourselves, we wouldn’t have the energy to go out and experience all of the wonderful and beautiful things in the world. So take care of yourself, take risks and do the things that you dream of doings, it’s worth it.


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