Stuck inside watching the snow fall today? So are we. When it’s cold and it’s snowing outside, you start to feel like hibernating on the couch in your blanket. Well, fear not, we have some suggestions to make you love the snow just a little bit more.

Normally when it snows, we jump on the chance to pull out our boards and hit the slopes. We drive Galena, Illinois, where Chestnut Ski Resort is located. It’s about a 45 min drive, but we spend the entire day there. Snowboarding is always a blast when you’re in the mountains (say Colorado for example), however if you don’t have access to the mountains this is a good second. While we do board most of the time, sometimes you just need a break. There’s a lodge that overlooks the slopes, we head in, and with hot chocolates in hand watch out the large glass windows as other skiers and snowboarders pass you by. Even if you don’t like snowboarding or skiing, you could go with your friends and just enjoy the lodge. It’s truly a beautiful view, especially if you catch the sunset, too.


Now, let’s say you would rather stay close to home. Something that we always find enjoyable is bundling up in our warm coats and letting Ace run around in the snow. Seriously, if you’re spirits are down this will bring them right back up. He runs around and dives his nose into the snow with the biggest smile on his face. Then, when he’s done he wants to go inside and cuddle right up with you. So, if you’re ever in a funk because of the snow, find a dog and take him outside, you feel better, trust us.

There’s always the go-to of hot chocolate, a blanket, movies and some snacks. Which who doesn’t want to do all of this when it’s snowing? In fact that sounds great. We will do all of that tonight, too. On a snowy day, we love opening up all of the blinds and watching the snow fall down with a hot beverage in hand. What better way to top it off then putting a movie in and cuddling in a blanket? I suggest Daddy’s Home 2. Perfect movie for some winter spirits.

Overall though, if you just embrace the snow, find something enjoyable to do, and maybe pretend it’s Narnia, then it doesn’t have to be all that bad. Hey, you may even find that you like the snow. And, well if you don’t, maybe it’s time to move somewhere warm. 🙂

-Sam and Victoria

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