Over the last couple of days, I have taken the time to read a few different motivational books. A couple that I just finished reading are Girl, Wash Your Face and You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. I have found both of these books to be very informational and very inspiring. But, today I wanted to talk about a common theme that I have been seeing in these self-help/ motivational books, and that’s that we manifest our own destiny.

Now, for those of you don’t know what they mean by this, it’s basically this belief that you put your thoughts out into the universe and you will get what you ask for. The catch is that you need have the right energy and that you have to be open for these things to happen. Sounds like a bunch of weird ju-ju, right? Or maybe you think this is legit and you are so down for to manifest some shiz. Either way, I completely get both sides!

While you may think that this post is leading to me saying this is a bunch of hocus pocus, you would actually be wrong. Well. . . kinda. As I have been reading I have realized that I actually really dig the thought of manifesting your dreams in order to make them a reality. Except, I differ with how I believe it actually works.

When I read about how to manifest your own destiny, I understand that you put good out into the world, you have high energy and then you wait for the Universe to give you what you’re asking for. I think that this is actually a great process, I don’t believe that the Universe is just going to hand you something, but what I do believe is that when you are only focusing on your happiness, the things that you want and dream of and you are no longer putting negative energy in the world then you open up the possibility for good things to keep happening to you.

Now, I don’t think that they all of a sudden just pop up out of nowhere, I think that we have always had these possibilities but when you are only focused on the negative aspects of life then you tend to oversee the good and the new opportunities.

Asking the Universe for what you want is a good practice also, most of the time people say that you should have a clear mind such as in a state of meditation, when you put your dreams and desires out into the Universe. This, along with being a good person and focusing on the good in life is supposed to give out higher energy which in turn will give you higher energy back, in the form of whatever you may have asked for. The Universe needs to know that you’re serious and that you are truly open for the these things.

So, here’s where I’m going to say, ehhhh not quite. I think what happens when we ‘manifest our own destiny’ is that when we are clearing our minds to ask for what it is we truly want in life and putting good vibes out into the world, it unblocks your mind. Getting rid of the negativity in your lives and intently choosing to be happy and mindful everyday allows us to have a clearer mindset. Therefor, when you go to clear your mind and talk about what it is that you truly desire, you will be able to see the logical ways of how to make it happen. Which, in turn, makes you work for it in a more efficient manner.

I truly do believe that manifesting is a thing, in the sense that if we choose to be happy, we focus on what we truly (and I mean TRULY) want in our lives, and we make time to clear our minds and talk to whatever your source of energy is in this world, then it allows us to find a way to make our dreams happen. The process of manifestation makes you work harder and live your life true to who you are.

Everyone is capable of making their dreams happen and that’s where manifestation is a process of requiring you to remove your negative thoughts of I can’t and It’s not possible for me, in order to see that it is possible and that you can do anything in this world. If you stay dedicated to your passion or towards your goal there will be opportunities that open up that will get you there and you will be able to accept them because your mind will no longer be filled with the lies that you have been telling yourself. We are all capable of manifesting our own destiny.

Obviously I’m not an expert in this situation, this is just my opinion on how we manifest our own destiny and how I choose to believe it works, and what I want to apply to my life. If you have a different opinion, that’s great! Let me know what they are in the comments below.

Love, Victoria