Well guys, it’s officially fall and the weather has finally started to change here in Florida. Okay. . . so not during the day yet, but the nights are cooler and so are the mornings. So what do you do when the weather is absolutely perfect? Well, we decided to have a last minute picnic on St. Pete Beach, and the night turned out to be the most perfect night of my life.

Some of you won’t think that this is perfect, and that’s okay. I think that you just had to be there to feel how amazing it was. Anyways, we had decided to just pack a lunch box and head to St. Pete for the evening. So I made some Mahi Mahi, threw together a couple of salads, made a few cocktails and headed out.

When we arrived at the beach, we noticed that the end that we were on was empty. Now, when I say empty I mean that we saw a total of maybe two people. But, we didn’t think anything of it. We grabbed a nice big rock along the gulf, spread out our blanket and had ourselves a little picnic. The weather was absolutely perfect and the rays from the sun shining through the clouds were beautiful.

Once we got done eating. I was looking down the beach and noticed three large balls of orange and yellow lights. I had been wondering what they were so Sam suggested that once the sun set we should walk down and check it out. The sunset was the beautiful and the temperature was still perfect.

As we were heading down the beach, we started to hear music playing. However, we couldn’t quite make out what it was, yet. Upon getting closer, we realized that there was a live concert on the beach! We literally walked right into a live concert for the Tampa’s NFL Kickoff. There was a large pool in the middle of the beach, a VIP Lounge, drinks and cabanas.

We stayed and listened to the music for awhile. Once we were ready to go, we grabbed a cabana and laid under the stars for bit. By the way, the stars were only visible in a certain area due to light pollution, and that area happened to be right above us. Again, it was truly perfect. We had to leave shortly after because we still had an hour drive home and Sam had to work the next morning. It’s crazy how small of a night can actually be so big.

I thought that I would share this moment in time with you guys, just as a reminder that it doesn’t take a lot to make the best memories in life. Hell, I would have been just as happy if we wouldn’t have stumbled upon the concert. But, check out the things that make you curious, and do the little things like sunsets, because in all honesty, they end up being the best moments of your life.